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28 Jan

it’s 2013!!!! Holy moly.

Happy new year errbody. No matter your situation, I hope everybody out there is doing the best they can with what they have!

Our 2013 is all about dreams and doing whatever we can to go after those dreams. We invite each of you to venture with us and go after those dreams. If you decide to chase your dream in 2013, let us know. We would like to hear bout it.

Anywayyy, these have been my favorite pictures I’ve come across on the web as of late. Enjoy. OH and give us a shout on the ol tweeter thing.


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20 Sep

If you haven’t noticed the scene that has blown up over recent years, EDMLounge.com is a great place to learn all about it. Stop by their website or their twitter to get caught up on all things PLUR.

We personally have been a fan of EDMLounge for quite some time now so are excited about this feature. If you’re looking for a place to learn about new music, tour dates, pictures, videos, awesome tanks, or anything RAGE, look no further…
Twitter: @EDMLounge
Facebook: EDMLounge

Message to all ravers in the entire universe GO TO @ELECTRIC_FOREST next year! Nothing compares.

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19 Sep

If you’ve ever been a fan of photography we highly suggest you check out PhotoGuides.net. Ash Davis and his team regularly update exclusive HD Video tutorials, free downloads, and all types of news from the world of photography. Make sure to send him some love via Twitter here!


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13 Sep

If you have yet to hear about the @RichKidsofInstagram then prepare to be jealous. This post is dedicated to the recently popular site that showcases pictures from Instagram and Twitter users who are beyond fortunate and have no problem showing it off.

And I got another one this week by bon_et_copieux

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5 Sep

If you have been searching for new #RAGE music lately, look no further. We highly recommend you check out our next InstaSpotlight feature.

Make sure to follow @NormanDoray on his Twitter feed for news, tour updates, pictures, and much more.

Arrived at Creamfield… @nervomusic and i have something for you in our sets!!!

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