@History_pics (49 Photos)

10 Mar

A friend of ours recently retweeted a picture posted by ClassicPics which caught our attention. A quick glimpse of their pictures and we knew it was a perfect fit for our next feature. If you enjoy historic photos of all sorts then make sure to stop by and say hello to @History_Pics.

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28 Jan

it’s 2013!!!! Holy moly.

Happy new year errbody. No matter your situation, I hope everybody out there is doing the best they can with what they have!

Our 2013 is all about dreams and doing whatever we can to go after those dreams. We invite each of you to venture with us and go after those dreams. If you decide to chase your dream in 2013, let us know. We would like to hear bout it.

Anywayyy, these have been my favorite pictures I’ve come across on the web as of late. Enjoy. OH and give us a shout on the ol tweeter thing.


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28 Nov


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28 Nov
New York Black out from Twitter

New York Black Out

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#Autumn (31 photos)

21 Nov

Hello friends, winters hear for some and near for others but this post is solely dedicated to the beautiful things #Autumn/Fall has to offer. These pictures represent these seasons from all around the world. Feel free to stop by and say hello to any of the featured social media users.


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